Get started

One tap to yoga

Recommended practice for the moment or the one you did last time are ready for youon the top of the main screen. Tap on it start to practice.

Yoga in your own speed

Tap on the play button on the preview card to start video. Tap on the player screen to pause the practice. Drag the handle to move back and forth.

Grow your tree

Your tree will grow, every time you complete your practice. Keep practicing and observe the growth of your tree. Share with your friends for inspiration. The Gotta Joga tree has been designed by Finnish artist Hanna Konola.

Practices match your need

Just get up in the morning? Need a relaxing stretch at the end of the day? Or you got fewminutes to get refreshed during the day? Set the filter from the drop down menu to find the right practice.

Carefully planned practices

Practice card shows in one view information of the practice and each asana it contains. You can see the total time and split between different poses as well as a written description.

Yoga with Anu

Anu Visuri in a professional yoga teacher living in Munich, Germany. The practices in the application are based on her years of experience as a yoga teacher. Her soothening voice is in the English, German and Finnish versions.

What is Gotta Joga?

Gotta Joga is a yoga application for iPhone, bringing a fun and rewarding yoga learning experience in a compact package to your smartphone. It is bringing calm and streghtening yoga style suitable for beginners and advanced to every pocket.

What kind of yoga does Gotta Joga teach?

Gotta Joga teaches hatha yoga. The word hatha means ‘willful' or ‘forceful’. Hatha yoga refers to a set of physical exercises (known as asanas or postures), and sequences of asanas, designed to align your skin, muscles, and bones. There are many styles of hatha yoga. Gotta Joga’s yoga practises are based on Anusara Yoga. Anusara combines the life enhancing tantric yoga philosophy with the Universal Principles of Alignment (UPA) of Anusara yoga and a sense of community, belonging together (kula). A class always has a philosophical, life-enhancing theme, which is woven into the asana practice. The asana are practiced with care and focus on body alignment. Yoga is truly therapeutic, not only for the body, but also for the mind and the soul.

I am not flexible – can I do yoga?

Many people say that they can’t practice yoga, because they are not flexible enough. But, the thing is, you start doing yoga asanas to become more flexible. It is also important to remember that yoga is not just stretching. Yoga also makes your body stronger. Actually it is better to be stiffer than really flexible when you start with yoga, because then you really feel your body and get to know it better. If you already are flexible you probably can do many poses, but the awareness of your body is not so strong and you easily injure yourself. So, just step on your sticky mat, but keep an awareness of your body!

What do I need to practice yoga?

First you need to listen to your inner intention; why do you want to practice yoga. Everything we do begins with an intention. This intention keeps you motivated and passionate about your practice. Secondly, keeping a beginner’s mind even though you would be intermediate or advanced in your practice gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and to grow as a conscious human being. As equipment you will need comfortable and stretchy clothes and a yoga mat. The yoga mat shouldn’t be too thick, since it can make your foundation unstable. It is also good to have two yoga blocks. They help you to align your body optimally on your sticky mat.

How should I practice with Gotta Joga?

It is a good idea first to watch the practice you are about to do. The goal is that you just listen and do the poses and sequences, but if you are new to yoga, you don’t always understand the instructions. So, watching first and then doing gives you the feeling of security and you can concentrate on the instructions rather than trying to figure out how the pose is supposed to look like. Before you do the more advanced sequences or poses be sure you can do the basic practices with ease and can hold the poses up to 2 minutes. You should also have space around you while practicing. In fact it is nice to have your own yoga space at home if possible. You don’t need much, double the size of your yoga mat or just so that you can stretch your arms to the sides and you don’t have to be afraid hitting something / somebody or falling on something when you do aheadstand, for example.

How do I get more yoga classes?

You can purchase one of our yoga practice packs for morning, day or evening in the application and create a larger collection of classes and asanas for you to practice. Remember to try the free mini classes that we have created especially for you to experience the Gotta Joga application. If you have ideas for new content or remarks on the existing ones, please send us a e-mail to We will be updating the content of the application on a regular basis. Follow us on Facebook ( or our blog ( to hear the latest news on new content and features.

I'm having problems downloading a class, help!

You can always close the application and restart the download. In the worst case, remove the application and download it all over again. Your In-App Purchases will be restored without you having to pay for them again.

Is an Internet connection needed to play a class?

All free classes (Quick Morning, Quick Day and Quick Evening) are included in the initial application package. When you make an In-App Purchase to download more classes, you will need an internet connection, once, to download the yoga practice package. Thanks to the smart data compression video technology of Gotta Apps, all packages are compact in size – much, much smaller than traditional video files.

How do I restore my previous purchases with a new version of the application?

Once you open the practice menu, the application will recognize that you have already purchased the package and will activate it again or start downloading it again. If that does not happen, you can go the Info menu and tap on “Restore Purchased” which will make sure your previously purchased practices are available again in this new version.

Can I play a practice without doing a purchase?

You have 3 free practices in the application available for free: Quick Morning, Quick Day and Quick Evening.

Known errors in version 1.7

Known errors in version 1.7

What languages are supported?

Our application will support Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German languages. We are planning to add new languages in the future. For your wishes and tips, drop us a line by e-mail to

What about iPad, Android, Windows Phone?

We have a beta version running on Windows Phone that contains the yoga classes for morning yoga. You are welcome to test it for free by providing us your Windows Live ID e-mail address. You can send it to We are looking forward to launching the iPad version in the near future. We are also working towards an Android version of our application in 2015.

How big are the videos?

Thanks to our smart data compression technique the animated videos in the application are about 50 times smaller than traditional HD videos would be. THe size of our application depends on the packages you have downloaded.

Which level classes should I practice?

You should always start with the beginner class if you have never done yoga before and stick with the basics until you can hold the asanas with ease for couple of minutes without stabbing pain.