The Story

Gotta Joga is a mobile yoga studio. With our thoughtfully made yoga sessions for morning, day and evening you are one touch away from beginning your everyday practice.

In the beginning of 2012 the idea to create a jooga (yoga) application was born. A group of Finnish women got together every week in southern Germany to practice yoga in their mother tongue. Wanting to continue that emlightening yoga experience at home and where ever they might move on to, they started to work on the initial idea or their own yoga application. Bringing in the calm and strengthening yet fun yoga experience on mobile, combined with pedagogy from the world’s best schooling system and bringing that in a compact way to a mobile has been our vision from beginning on.

Gotta Joga team is dedicated in creating a great mobile yoga experience. We have combined good yoga practice into our knowhow of making mobile experiences alive.

Hope you get closer to your true nature by practicing with us. Namastè.

“Sharing the love for northern nature, yoga and great user experience”

The team

Maija Airas-Ceri

Founder, mother, yogi, engineer

Finn living in Lyon, France

Anu Visuri

Co-Founder, yoga teacher and language expert

Finn living in Munich, Germany

Liang Xiuchuan

Co-Founder, Designer, yogi

Chinese living in Beijing, China

Claire Reynaud

Co-Founder, Developer, hiker, via ferratist and yogi

French living in St Etienne, France